Your body and soul will be pampered with nothing but the finest products.

The Amour Fou Spa de Beauté label stands for remarkable treatments that enhance all your senses with luxury. Be it the modern approach or the traditional one - they both focus on harmonising the body and soul, ensuring a deep state of relaxation. Enjoy your own private sphere in our spacious treatment cabins with a luxurious shower all to yourself.With every massage and body treatment you can also avail yourself of a spa-manicure and/or spa-pedicure.

Massage & Body Treatments

Enjoy the pleasant whole-body treatment with exclusive flower water and ireos powder, the unique natural iris plant extract. An arnica body pack followed by a regenerating massage with herbal oils and ireos root extract scent completes this treatment.

135 min - 330€

This body treatment uses heated herbal pouches filled with biological lavender blossoms from Tuscany for the herb’s balancing and relaxing effect. Special massage techniques are applied to achieve a unique harmony of body and soul.

60 min - 180€ 90 min - 270€

This traditional massage is just perfect for cramped muscles and your circulation. It uses long movements to relax your whole organism.

60 min - 156€ 90 min - 236€

Savour the warmth, tingling on your skin, eliminating stress and giving your body renewed
energy. A feeling of total relaxation is enhanced by the gentle dripping of the oil from the massage candle onto your skin. In a perfect and unique atmosphere the harmony of the massage, the pleasant feeling of warmth and the sweet aroma of the candle make for an unforgettable experience. Please make an appointment at least one hour in advance.

60 min - 150€ 90 min - 225€

Pampering body massage – Enjoy a gentle, ST BARTH feel-good massage with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs. Choose pure, slightly warmed coconut oil for intensive conditioning of dry skin, cold-pressed avocado oil to support the functioning of delicate skin or ivy gel and menthol oil for strengthening tissue and skin layers. To complete the Caribbean experience, select your favourite body lotion with cold-pressed avocado oil and the fragrance of pure bourbon vanilla, the Caribbean tiaré flower or the especially delicate scent of the lily.

60 min - 110€ 80 min - 195€

Body Mask with clay and pineapple or cucumber mousse – Why not experience an intensive body care treatment to improve your skin’s condition that harnesses the gentle effects of the valuable minerals and vitamins found in clay, invigoratingly enhanced with fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse? Ivy, menthol and camphor activate and strengthen body tissue while coldpressed avocado oil supplies important nutrients. The skin tissue is visibly finer and tighter.

60 min - 95€

Luxurious body mask with pampering relaxation massage – The intensive moisturizing body pack, which enhances the appearance and elasticity of the skin by supplying it with a high level of lipids. Select your favourite scent: bourbon vanilla, delicate tiaré flowers or exotic lily. A creamy, silky mask is gently applied to your entire body to supply your skin with intensive nutrients and lipids from high-quality plant oils. The absorption of the mask is intensified by a wonderfully fragrant relaxing massage as a finish. Your entire skin takes on a visibly improved appearance and velvety smooth texture.

60 min - 105€

Soothing and relaxing leg massage – This exclusive treatment is the ideal way to relieve and relax heavy, swollen legs, for example, after a long flight, extended periods of sitting, lengthy and strenuous spells on your feet, or simply enjoy it as a soothing, harmonizing treatment every now and then. The ivy gel used in the treatment removes blockages and drains excess water while strengthening the veins and stimulates the lymphatic system. Menthol and camphor promote the micro circulation, refresh and revitalize. As a finishing touch, let your legs be pampered with your favourite body lotion from LIGNE ST BARTH.

30 min - 65€

Why not treat your body and your mind to the wonderful experience of an Indonesian massage – a massage that will open up new horizons for you. First of all your body is carefully massaged with warm oil to prepare it for the treatment. Then freshly prepared herbal pouches are applied to the body, gently massaging at first and then gradually gaining in pressure. This massage technique warms up the body strongly, stimulating and boosting your metabolism and helping your body to purify itself. It is above all your skin’s self-repair mechanism that is activated in the course of this treatment, revitalizing the cell structure of the epidermis (top layer of skin). Your skin will feel noticeably firmer – and this ultimate relaxation experience will also harmonize your senses. Please make an appointment at least one hour in advance.

Back treatment followed by massage: 60 min - 125 € Full-body treatment followed by massage: 1.30 h - 160 € Facial and full-body treatment followed by massage: 2.00 h - 210 €

After experiencing this extraordinary massage it is hard to imagine a level of relaxation that could be any higher or better. Get ready for a new dimension in well-being and enjoy an experience in which time, space, place and personal obligations become irrelevant. We have two experienced spa-cosmeticians who are skilled in performing this synchronized four-handed massage. You can choose between an aroma massage, ayurvedic massage or Lomi-Lomi massage.

50 min - 165 € 1.30 h - 295 €

This unique and deeply relaxing treatment with its soothing full-body massage will reduce your stress levels and stimulate your tissue metabolism and your lymphatic flow. Clams that have been elaborately polished by hand and that warm up themselves, along with cold-pressed avocado oil, relieve tension gently and keep it at bay. Your skin enjoys improved blood circulation and is provided with moisture, valuable minerals and vitamins. In the course of the massage the warm clams release calcium ions that are immediately absorbed by your skin – and that give it a firm, healthy and vital appearance. The pleasant temperature of the clams combined with the stroking movements, manual massage techniques and the tender aroma of the valuable oil help your whole body to transcend into a state of total relaxation that has a strongly revitalizing effect on you. Even after the first minute of this unique treatment you will feel the stress of your everyday life slipping away from you. For the finishing touches we spoil you with a hint of the Caribbean. You can choose between cold-pressed avocado oil or a body lotion with the subtle fragrance of pure bourbon vanilla, Caribbean tiarè flowers or the scent of particularly delicate lilies. This treatment is available at Amour Fou from September 2013.

1.30 h - 195 €