Strengthen your hair with our unique and natural treatments

Perfect hair styling that is suited to the client is only one side of the coin for us. It is also equally important, in our opinion, to use the right care products for your type of hair. This is why, when dealing with this essential issue, we use leading American products in order to provide you with the best possible hair care - Alterna und Nioxin, for example, that abstain from using sulphates and parabens. You will feel how Amour Fou Coiffeur by Ulla Huprich will endow your hair with new energy and luxuriance.


  • Intensiv Hairtreatment Mask

    15 €

  • Scalp Massage with Treatment Mask

    25 €

  • Spa cocktail short

    35 €

  • Spa cocktail long

    50 €

  • Protein Treatment short

    85 €

  • Protein Treatment long

    135 €