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Pantai Luar® – Gentle energising for a pleasant sense of vitality

The exotically named Pantai Luar® is an absolutely soothing body treatment that can look back over many years of tradition in eastern Asia. Right up to the present day it still enjoys the reputation of being of “unparalleled quality” when it comes to influencing the body’s meridians - the body’s energy channels on which energy points that eminently affect our well-being are to be found. At Amour Fou we are both proud and happy to be able to offer you this concept that will sustainably harmonise your mind and body.

Our Treatments with Pantai Luar

This is a very special kind of facial, so enjoy it and allow yourself to fall under its spell and be pampered. Herbal Belle Visage comes originally from Indonesia and involves the manual massaging of the face with herbal pouches, along with the use of special oils to visibly relax your facial muscles and provide your skin with long-lasting care. First of all we cleanse your skin particularly thoroughly and then spray it with herbal water. Using a lukewarm oil we then perform a massage that activates your metabolism, in order to prepare you for the actual application of the herbal pouches. Sticking to the exact rules of an old healing doctrine that has been handed down over the centuries we treat your face and décolleté in three phases with the steamed herbal pouches. Between each phase we apply warm oil using comprehensive and purgative massage techniques. Once you have experienced it, you will most certainly not be able to live without the fantastic experience of this treatment.

45 min - 95 €

Why not treat your body and your mind to the wonderful experience of an Indonesian massage – a massage that will open up new horizons for you. First of all your body is carefully massaged with warm oil to prepare it for the treatment. Then freshly prepared herbal pouches are applied to the body, gently massaging at first and then gradually gaining in pressure. This massage technique warms up the body strongly, stimulating and boosting your metabolism and helping your body to purify itself. It is above all your skin’s self-repair mechanism that is activated in the course of this treatment, revitalizing the cell structure of the epidermis (top layer of skin). Your skin will feel noticeably firmer – and this ultimate relaxation experience will also harmonize your senses. Please make an appointment at least one hour in advance.

Back treatment followed by massage: 60 min - 125 € Full-body treatment followed by massage: 1.30 h - 195 € Facial and full-body treatment followed by massage: 2.00 h - 210 €