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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare – Cosmetics adapted to state-of-the-art standards of science and technology

Taking effective care of your body is a science in itself. That is why it is only logical that a scientist like Dr. Dennis Gross would want to investigate what goes into developing high-quality body care products. The founder of these skin care products that in the meantime have become internationally successful studied medicine at the New York University Medical Center and graduated there as a consultant in dermatology. He was the first skin doctor in the world to succeed in developing and patenting a two-phase anti-aging peeling that was safe to apply at home on a daily basis. Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel with its unique peeling pads became legendary. It goes without saying that Dr. Dennis Gross only uses the very best ingredients nature can provide and then combines them with the latest insights from science and research.

Our Treatments with Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

In no time at all this treatment will endow your skin with a clear, smooth sheen. The cleansing is followed by a peeling using what is known as Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Pads. The treatment is then topped off with an exfoliation and neutralization using the most effective agents.

60 min - 95 €

Density, structure and coloration of your skin can be optimized very quickly. The application of a synergetic mixture of alpha and beta hydroxy acids makes your skin clearer and more radiant in a surprisingly short time. This gently exfoliating formula, which is used by many Hollywood stars, will make fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Your pores will shrink, your skin color will be perfected and the appearance of new lines and wrinkles is easily prevented. Previously, this method was only available in the New York practice of dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross. Now you can book it at Amour Fou!

1.30 h - 210 €